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HOWTO convert EMF image to PNG. See also ExportNoGrid, Export to EMF and ArmA 1 Making Satellite Texture Mask, Export of Project Printout.

GIMP or GraphicsMagick unfortunately does not open EMF images.


Use arma2 visitor 3 era EmfToPng.exe

Unfortunately this tool does a bad job, GraphicsMagick cannot read these converted PNG images but GIMP and IrfanView can. Your best option is to convert few and small images with GIMP directly and many images with IrfanView.

Overall recommendation is DO NOT use EmfToPng, use IrfanView instead.

EmfToPng.exe terrainname.EMF

Or with “zoom”:

EmfToPng.exe terrainname.EMF [zoom]

Below is example batch file PMC editing computer uses, meaning the path to EmfToPng is unique for our computer, you can use this and edit the path on second line to where your EmfToPng.exe is located (remember no spaces or illegal characters in directory names).


@echo off
set EMFTOPNG=D:\tools\EmfToPng\EmfToPng.exe
if not exist %EMFTOPNG% goto EMFtoPNGMissing
if not exist C:\*.emf goto NoEMFImagesInC
for %%x in (c:\*.emf) do (
echo *
echo Processing %%x ...
echo -
echo Deleting %%x ...
del %%x
echo All done.
echo No EMF images in C:\, abort.
echo %EMFTOPNG% is missing, abort.


IrfanView can view EMF images directly. Use batch processing to select all EMF images and convert to PNG format. Conversion seems to be working good.

Make sure you download and install the 64bit version, we are working with huge images.

When converting 143k resolution PNGs to PNGs because GraphicsMagick cannot read EmfToPng saved PNGs, irfanview uses ALL the RAM it can have, this was 62gb in our 64gb RAM computer.

On 2021-08-11 when I converted all Vietnam: The Experience terrain images from PNG to PNG (yes, its strange), it took HOURS of processing because the images were huge. If you have many huge images to process, do them one at the time just in case you want to abort the process as irfanview has no cancel option while its (Not Responding) state.

But… this is a moot point anyways, never try to process over 100k pixel resolution images, they are way too large.


ImageMagick Its rumored to convert EMF images, if you have done it please can you contact us and send command line info, thanks.


GraphicsMagick unfortunately cannot convert EMF images, just says:

gm convert: Unable to create bitmap (pmc_greece_agios_efstratios_nogrid.emf).
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