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Helmet visible inside a vehicle

If you enter a vehicle and your soldier models helmet comes into view blocking it, then you have problem with the hlava and/or mireni selections.

To fix this problem using the hlava, first zoom into the view the head of the soldier model.

image 1 here

As we see we have the helmet, face/head of the soldier and then even the “bandanna” raghead shit on this guys head. So everything must be selected so they are not getting into a view during vehicle transport.

image 2 here

Like this, now all of the head is selected. Now simply go to the hlava selection and right mouse click and select Redefine.

image 3 redefine here

As you see here.

Do the same for mireni selection just in case, actually I’m not 100% sure which one causes it, I bet hlava, but better to be sure.

Also if you binarize the MLOD model and it throws you a helmet/hat/eyelids visible inside a vehicle, it means you must make config.cpp with proper CfgModels inside the binarized directory. If you fail to binarize with the cpp, the helmet is visible.

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