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The config.cpp file is the main configuration file for Operation Flashpoint in text form. (not binarized). This file contains all of the important information for configuring a model within OFP. The OFP engine is capable of reading config.cpp files in both binary (config.bin) and non-binarized form.

Check out CfgVehicles Config Reference.

These links may be of interest:

  • Models without classnames, A - J
  • Models without classnames, K - M
  • Models without classnames, N - R
  • Models without classnames, S
  • Models without classnames, T - Z
  • Classes of CfgAmmo
  • Classes of CfgNonAIVehicles
  • Classes of CfgVehicles/Class Man
  • Classes of CfgVehicles/Class Thing
  • Classes of CfgVehicles/NonStrategics
  • Classes of CfgVehicles/Strategics
  • Classes of CfgVehicles/Vehicles
  • DestrTypes
  • Miscellaneous
  • Simulation Types
  • Classes of CfgWeapons

A fully commented config.cpp file can be found at the Oxygen web site.

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