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Rough 3D Cockpit Tutorial

CCC posted this tutorial to PMC Tactical Forums Cockpit area.

How to build Rough 3d Cockpit

As title, I mean “rough”.

If you are LOD format expert, forget this thread. If you are 3ds max user and know nothing about LOD format, have a look, maybe you'd love making some rough 3d pits.

The modeling rule is very simple

1. First, ask me for 3DS cockpit sample. You smart guys can learn the modeling rule at first glance :-)

2. Grab a copy of 3DS Max and LodEditor (LE).

3. Find good 3-view drawings of A/C, focus on canopy part, better a interior projection.

4. Find good pic of panel, used for panel texture.

5. start modeling, do as you wish but keep in mind–
a. the whole 3d pit model must be a single object. No separate objects is allowed, or it wont look right in f4. I use extrude function to model, start from canopy frame, then panel…

b. Just model the faces/polys that facing pilots! all backface should be deleted. Overlapping polys should be handled with care, or you'll got lots look-throughs.

c. Texture-mapping your pit panel, export the whole file as 3DS format. LE can convert it with mapping info.

d. Put the zero point (0, 0, 0) of 3d cockpit on where pilot's eyes are located. Further fine-tuning is indicated with LE.

e. Be sure to scale to real size of cockpit.

f. The box for canopy reflection mapping should all facing inward.

g. once you done basic 3ds file, convert to LOD with LE. you may want a preview check first. Use LE, you can append you new pit lod, replace #1 lod(default F16), or build a new parent to replace parent#1(default F16).

h. once you confirm the new pit looks right in 3d world, back to polish it with LE; like change polys to transparent property, fine-tuning FOV, etc.

Anyways, start from a simple build first.

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