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ArmA 3 Good Old 2D Mission Editor

Do you think arma3 eden editor is not ready yet? Do you think its too fancy for its own good? Do you think it sucks?

No problems, you can still launch the good old 2D editor we all learned to use since OFP times. In ArmA 3 main menu click / choose Editor, then in the terrain selector screen use shortcut CTRL-O and it will start the 2D editor.

Missions created with 2d editor are saved to the good old mission.sqm format.

Trigger's Bugged

ArmA 3 v1.80 2D Mission editor trigger activation is broken, here is the mixed list:

2D Editor Trigger Actual Mission.SQM Trigger Type
blufor OPFOR
independent BLUFOR
civilian GUER
anybody LOGIC

If triggers are bugged this bad, who knows what else is broken in arma3 2D editor? Good job bis, one step forward two steps back! :-(

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