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Armake by KoffeinFlummi

A C implementation of ArmA modding tools (PAA conversion, binarization / rapification, PBO packing).

For Linux and Windows, 64bit binaries available.


    armake binarize [-f] [-w <wname>] [-i <includefolder>] <source> <target>
    armake build [-f] [-p] [-w <wname>] [-i <includefolder>] [-x <xlist>] [-k <privatekey>] <source> <target>
    armake inspect <target>
    armake unpack [-f] <source> <target>
    armake derapify [-f] [-d <indentation>] <source> <target>
    armake keygen [-f] <target>
    armake sign [-f] <privatekey> <target>
    armake paa2img [-f] <source> <target>
    armake img2paa [-f] [-z] [-t <paatype>] <source> <target>
    armake (-h | --help)
    armake (-v | --version)

    binarize    Binarize a file.
    build       Pack a folder into a PBO.
    unpack      Unpack a PBO into a folder.
    inspect     Inspect a PBO and list contained files.
    derapify    Derapify a config. You can pass - as the target to print to stdout.
    keygen      Generate a keypair with the specified path (extensions are added).
    sign        Sign a PBO with the given private key.
    paa2img     Convert PAA to image (PNG only).
    img2paa     Convert image to PAA.

    -f --force      Overwrite the target file/folder if it already exists.
    -p --packonly   Don't binarize models, configs etc.
    -w --warning    Warning to disable (repeatable).
    -i --include    Folder to search for includes, defaults to CWD (repeatable).
    -x --exclude    Glob patterns to exclude from PBO (repeatable).
    -k --key        Private key to use for signing the PBO.
    -d --indent     String to use for indentation. "    " (4 spaces) by default.
    -z --compress   Compress final PAA where possible.
    -t --type       PAA type. One of: DXT1, DXT3, DXT5, ARGB4444, ARGB1555, AI88
                        Currently only DXT1 and DXT5 are implemented.
    -h --help       Show usage information and exit.
    -v --version    Print the version number and exit.

    By default, armake prints all warnings. You can mute trivial warnings
    using the name that is printed along with them.

    Example: "-w unquoted-string" disables warnings about improperly quoted

Get Source code / .exe from Github.

armake Command Line

armake original koffeinflummi version command line.

armake_w64.exe build -f -p -x *.png -x source\*.* pmc_rugen C:\Terrains\pmc_rugen\addons\pmc_rugen.pbo
armake_w64.exe build -f -p pmc_rugen_cfg C:\Terrains\pmc_rugen\addons\pmc_rugen_cfg.pbo

armake Torndeco Fork

armake Torndeco Fork.

Excludes any “source” directory it finds by default.

armake_w32.exe build -f -x *.png -x *.tga -x *.bat -x *.xcf -x *.txt -x *.7z -x *.rar -I p:\core -i p:\a3 -i p:\bin -i p:\dbe1 -i p:\hsim -i p:\ibr -T p:\temp_armake tut_tutorial_terrain C:\Terrains\tut_tutorial_terrain\addons\tut_tutorial_terrain.pbo
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