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Reference Sites

Reference Sites or reference links / tutorials or tutorial links (tag mania heh).

Here are some of the reference sites / reference links that can serve for “inspiration” and help for any game editing.

Satellite Maps




Official Procedures


Walk Arounds





Anything related to texturing is found in this section.

Normal Mapping

UV Unwrapping

Texture Sites

Texturing Tutorials

gimp brushes:

vimeo video A Comprehensive Look at Hard Surface Texturing for Video Games

vimeo video A Comprehensive Look at Hard Surface Modeling for Video Games

Seamless texture from photo

Seamless textures for games

Youtube IL-2 aircraft skin painting in Photoshop: Lesson 1: Getting started,Lesson 2: basic painting, Lesson 3: Weathering, Lesson 4: how to apply decals.

Simmers Paintshop: Step by step rivets

Simmers Paintshop: Making quick rivets and smooth curving panel and rivet lines

Simmers Paintshop: Making surface texture effects

Simmers Paintshop: Step by step weathering

Simmers Paintshop: Adding markings (decals).

Simmers Paintshop: Using layers in Photoshop

Simmers Paintshop: Making canvas control surfaces

Simmers Paintshop: Making selections in Photoshop

Simmers Paintshop: Masks and channels

Simmers Paintshop: Using and making brushes in Photoshop

Marfy tutorial: Wheels texturing

Marfy tutorial: How to make realistic sand abrasion and muddy surfaces on vehicles

Marfy tutorial: Painting Zimmerit and camouflage pattern


Misc Tutorials

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