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PMC Editing Wiki

Welcome to the PMC Editing Wiki, information, tutorial, guides, HOWTOs, etc. PMC Editing Wiki is part of PMC Tactical even though we have this cool domain name. Visit PMC Tactical homepage root for all the links to our other pages / sites.


You are looking one of a kind wiki at the moment, as nowhere else you can find a editing pages dedicated from newbie to hardcore editing / development guys around on the Armed Assault (ArmA), ArmA 2, ArmA 3, Falcon 4.0 and Operation Flashpoint (OFP) in the web, as you do here.

Our game editing experience dates back to year 2000 when our main site was created (we started editing well beyond that).

It is our goal to make this place the one stop location for editing everything in these game/sim titles as well as general use of well known editing tools (3D modeling, image/text editing etc) and programming.

We try to provide very useful, easy to understand and “to the point” tutorials and information on all sorts of editing. You could say that we specialize to make high performance addons and to make them right, so we provide all the necessary information in the wiki to edit addons “properly”, not just put together a photo realistic nonworking piece of junk.

We strongly believe to the Open Source development environment where there are no restrictions. We are constantly updating our wiki as new information and editing techniques are discovered.

If you cannot find some tutorial or editing information, contact us to ask about it and we'll get it added. Remember, this wiki is alive

Want to contribute?

If you want to contribute to this wiki, contact us to request user login and we will grant you access to edit the pages. No-one can edit without login and granted access. We are hardcore developers with old-school mind thinking there is no need for joe user (spammers or users otherwise with malicious intend) to take over this wiki. We want this to be friendly place with the data intact at all times.

If you don't want to register for some reason, you can always contact us with the info you'd like to contribute.

Cant find data?

Personally I have found wiki's to be difficult to use since the data is dispersed on such an wide area without a clear index. Well it was my goal to keep the data very easily readable in this wiki and I know about the limitations of Search feature. Therefore I try to keep all title categories very well organized that what ever it is you're looking for it should be found clearly on the proper category (mission, tools, textures etc).

To improve your search, try different kinds of search key words. Also search with quotes “arma 2” and “falcon 4” instead of just arma 2 or falcon 4 because without quotes you are searching “arma” and “2” :)


We have “namespaces” here and those are “arma”, “arma2”, “arma3”, “falcon4” and “ofp”. What it means that under falcon4 and ofp you can have identical “tools” namespace page, only thing is different that the name is “falcon4:tools” or “ofp:tools”. I find this very enjoyable to work with.

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