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Weapon Models

Weapon models by BIS. They have 5 different LODs, View-pilot and memory, nothing else. 0 LOD has less details as View-Pilot.

In muzzle flash selection “zasleh”, there the shadow should be off and User: 0 to prevent the muzzle flash to be in the shadow. Selection zbran is where the weapon is.

All SEB weapon models had User: 0.

Weapon Shadow

You need a Res LOD in your P3D with ~300 faces. You may set a named property for all higher LODs with more faces to: LodNoShadow=1.

Weapon LODs

I have a system for making weapon LODs:

View Pilot: max 800 poly (lodnoshadow - 1)
LOD 0.1000: max 500 poly (lodnoshadow - 1)
LOD 0.5000: max 300 poly
LOD 0.7500: max 200 poly
LOD 1.0000: max 100 poly
LOD 1.2500: max 70 poly
LOD 1.5000: as few polygons’ as possible

This way the weapon should work fine and cause no lag.

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