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Creating 512 Tiles

Creating 512 Tiles from satellite images by Kinggeorge

In case someone is interested this is how I make 512 textures using sat images (for ODS theater).

Here's how i did the texture stuff so far:

  • Get decent sat image (we have a few now I guess) scale it to the correct resolution 1 pixel = 2 meter (look at cars, roads…)
  • adjust the red/blue/green gamma settings and saturation/hue if needed
  • Select an area for the generic/ F /all directions texture cut/copy it (not scaling) to the 512×512 size
  • Manual make the texture objects evenly distributed by copying small irregular parts around / filter any rough borders
  • With photoshop filter offset it 20 or more pixels and make the borders disappear by filtering/soften/blur or copying small irregular parts over the border
  • First tile done -save it in true color pcx
  • For testing reduce color to 256, name it after a generic existing tile replacing all T,M,H,L* ones
  • Now do either the 16 river or 16 road tiles (see texture tutorial about the texture structure from *1 to *F)
  • Select the generic tile as basis copy a road/crossing from your sat pic into it making it fit on the border (use a grid or so and finally choose the offset filter for 3-5 pixels and make the last adjustments, begin with the f tile (roads from all directions and a crossing in the middle). Take this tile then as reference for the correct borders
  • Place a few objects on crossings for diversity, since those tiles wont get repeated nearby normally - be sure to keep the tile borders the same as the generic one always.
  • When all are done copy all of them in a huge 2048×2048 pic and save the palette. Edit the palette change color 253 to 256 to white for instance (night lighting) - save the palette!
  • Open your 16/17 tiles individually - for each one decrease colors to 256 and open (=apply) the saved palette in the pic. Save the pic as always in the pcx format (should be around 300KB with 256 colors)
  • Check correct/good file names -test them by replacing existing ones or send them to the theater makers/Snake Man



Source PMC Tactical forum topic.

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