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Updating a dem2terrain or geographic theater with SRTM data

It may not be possible to create good data for certain theaters.

- SP4, OF, FF3, possibly others

- (dem2terrain) theater center coordinates (lat/lon)
- Theater size: 64 or 128
- The theater's falcon4.ocd
- The theater's falcon4.fed
- All theater objectives must have been placed at their final positions

Step 1

- Open TacEdit.
- Load the TE/campaign file that holds all of your theater's objectives.
- Select Objectives > Export Objectives and save the file as “objectives.csv”.

Step 2

- Compress the following files from your theater with rar
* falcon4.ocd
* falcon4.fed
* objectives.csv

Step 3

- Create a new email to blueprint4[at]
- Set subject to “Theater SRTM Update [Theater name]”.
- Put the theater center coordinates and the theater size in the text.
- Attach the compressed file you created in Step 2.
- Send the email.
- Wait for my reply.

Step 4

- You will receive a download link for your personalized BaZT - SRTM Theater installer.
- The compressed file contains the SRTM data for your theater as well as the installer, that puts the data into the theater's Lx files.
- There is also a new set of 2-byte L2/O2 files, if you want to retile the theater.
- You can run BaZT - SRTM Theater.exe from your theater installer using special command line parameters (quotation marks are required and the path must end without a '\':
Parameter 1: “The users's F4 dir”, example: “c:\microprose\falcon4”
Parameter 2: “Your theater dir”, where the terrain and texture folders are, example: “c:\microprose\falcon4\spain”
Parameter 3 (optional): -sptinstall
This will create all terrain Lx/Ox files from an L2/O2 file before starting the SRTM update. Then you only have to include the L2/O2 in your installer which saves a lot of space.

Step 5

- After you have installed the SRTM data for the first time, you have to open your theater's L2 file in the F4 install location with Pathmaker and create new .thr and .mea files.
- Place these files in your installer for installation before distributing your theater installer.

Source Blueprint in PMC Tactical forums topic.

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