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.CT file

The .CT file contains Falcon's class table. It contains an entry for every entity. An entity includes vehicles, features, weapons, units, objectives and other things (basically, everything that can be transferred in multiplayer).

.CT File Format

FieldData TypeWidth (in bytes)Description
numEntities Signed 16-bit integer2Number of entity records that follow
entities[] Falcon4Entity[numEntities] (81 * numEntities) bytes Array of Falcon4Entity records (containing “numEntities” individual records)

Structures Used

Falcon4Entity structure

FieldData TypeWidth (in bytes)Description
visType[]array of Signed 16-bit integer * 77 * 2 bytes = 14 bytes
vehicleDataIndexsigned 16-bit integer2
dataPtrunsigned 32-bit integer4 as a pointer, this field is meaningless when restored from disk

VuEntity structure

FieldData TypeWidth (in bytes)Description
id unsigned 16-bit integer2
collisionType unsigned 16-bit integer2
collisionRadius single-precision 32-bit floating point4
classInfo[] byte[8]8
updateRate unsigned 32-bit integer4
updateTolerance unsigned 32-bit integer4
fineUpdateRange single-precision 32-bit floating point4
fineUpdateForceRange single-precision 32-bit floating point4
fineUpdateMultiplier single-precision 32-bit floating point4
damageSeed unsigned 32-bit integer4
hitpoints Signed 32-bit integer4
majorRevisionNumber unsigned 16-bit integer2
minorRevisionNumber unsigned 16-bit integer2
createPriority unsigned 16-bit integer2
managementDomain byte 1
transferable byte 1
private byte 1
tangible byte 1
collidable byte 1
global byte 1
persistent byte 1
padding byte[3] 3Required to align this structure's data on an int32 boundary
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