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.WTH file

The .WTH file holds information about the weather conditions. This includes things such as the current temperature, wind speed and direction and cloud cover.

.WTH File Format

FieldData TypeWidth (in bytes)DescriptionVersions
WindHeadingsingle-precision 32-bit floating point4 All
WindSpeedsingle-precision 32-bit floating point4 All
LastCheckunsigned 32-bit integer4 All
Tempsingle-precision 32-bit floating point4 All
TodaysTempbyte1 All
TodaysWindbyte1 All
TodaysBasebyte1 All
TodaysConLowbyte1 >=27
TodaysConHighbyte1 >=27
xOffsetsingle-precision 32-bit floating point4 All
yOffsetsingle-precision 32-bit floating point4 All
nwunsigned 32-bit integer4 All
nhunsigned 32-bit integer4 All
cellState[]CellState[nw*nh](2*nw*nh) bytes All

Structures Used

CellState structure

FieldData TypeWidth (in bytes)DescriptionVersions
BaseAltitudebyte1 All
Typebyte1 All
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