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.EVT file

The .EVT file is one of the files embedded within a .CAM/.TRN/.TAC file. The .EVT file holds some history of events that happen in the campaign. It is closely related to the associated trigger file (.TRI file, which is not contained in the .CAM/.TRN/.TAC file), recording which events have happened. Unlike some other embedded files, it is not compressed.

.EVT file format

FieldData TypeWidth (in bytes)DescriptionVersions
numEventsSigned 16-bit integer2 All
campEvents[]CampEvent[numEvents] (4 * numEvents) bytes All

Structures used

CampEvent structure

FieldData TypeWidth (in bytes)DescriptionVersions
idSigned 16-bit integer2 All
flagsSigned 16-bit integer2 All
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