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.APL File Format

An APL is a palettized image with the ability to store alpha values in the palette.

NOTE:The byte order on disk is little-endian.


APL file format:

Data TypeWidth(Bytes)Field NameDescription
DWORD4MAGIC = 0x030870, the magic number that identifies this file as an .APL file)
WORD2WIDTHwidth of the image in pixels
WORD2HEIGHTheight of the image in pixels
DWORD[256]1024PALETTE every 4 bytes (i.e. each DWORD) represents a single palette entry; a palette therefore holds 256 entries, numbered 0-255.
The high-order byte = ALPHA, and the next lower-order 3 bytes are Red, Green, and Blue, respectively.
BYTE[]WIDTH*HEIGHTIMAGEDATAEach byte in the IMAGEDATA section represents one pixel in the image; each byte's value is an offset into the palette array (0-255)

Reading an .APL file

* check the first DWORD (4 bytes) to see that it equals 0x030870; if so, this is an APL file
* then check the next WORD (2 bytes), this is the width, in pixels, of the image
* then check the next WORD (2 bytes), this is the height, in pixels, of the image
* then load the next 256 DWORDs (1024 bytes) into an array, where each DWORD (4 bytes) represents a single palette entry. Each pallete entry consists of 4 bytes (alpha, red, green, and blue, from high-order to low-order, respectively).
* the next (width * height) bytes represent the image data itself, one byte per pixel, with one row's worth of pixel data coming first, then the next row's worth of pixel data, etc. The first byte represents the upper-left pixel in the image/texture; the last byte represents the lower-left pixel in the image/texture.

The byte value associated with each pixel, provides an index into the palette array, telling you which palette entry to use for determining the color to use for rendering that pixel. Just look up the corresponding palette entry to get the color data for that pixel, as well as the alpha channel value. If the alpha component is set to 0x80, then this magic value means do not use ALPHA.

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