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Database Background

Falcon 4 database background

The Falcon 4 database is edited with F4Browse by Julian “Codec” Onions, you can always download the latest from PMC Tactical Falcon 4 Downloads page. Using this program you can access pretty much all the database stuff in the terrdata\objects directory. New theaters use their own objects directories, for example Operaton Desert Storm Theater uses “Theaters\DesertStorm\objects”, Vietnam Theater uses “Theaters\Vietnam\objects” and finally Europe Theater uses “Theaters\Europe\objects” directory.

The F4Browse measurements are in for example fuel: lbs, range: nautical miles values (note most of all ranges in F4browse refer to Km distances for VCD, WCD etc and in feet for radar (RCD) and all dat files of ). In the view option you cannot see measurements, also F4Browse view is mirror image of real world. There is export and import function in F4Browse which you can use the transfer individual edits in and out of the database you are working on with someone. Just make sure that when you're importing stuff in, its correctly edited, always make backups of the original database you're creating so if wrong data is imported, you can revert back to the “working” database.

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