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Add Weapon Tutorial

Original posted on Macfalcon msg board by Dragon

It has been a while since I have worked through these since Maestro has been doing this portion that last few RP updates. But here are the links you have to look into:

I will walk thru the AGM-65G linkage:

WCD (Weapon) file

Veh List = 9. This is an index into the VehDef files within the files. Looking at the LST file here you find several groups all grouped together. Weapons are type 3 so you start counting all the 3's until you get to the 9. Keep in mind the -1 at the beginning is the ZERO index for all types. So the 9th weapon is the AGM65G.VEH file.

AGM65G.VEH file

Here you find almost a duplicate of the SWD record. The important field is the DataIdx field which is an index into the MissData files. In this case, it is 51.

SWD file

From the WCD, you link to a CT record and the Alt Index field is the SWD record. In the SWD record, you have Miss Data field which is the index into the MissData files of the Again, it is 51. Also, check the Flags as there is a Has Display option.

AGM65G.DAT file

This happens to be file number 51 in the This is where you can tinker with the flight model of the missile. You will notice a Seeker Type Version line. In this case it is 0 10. That means it is an IR seeker and uses ICD record 10. Also, there is a Display line which is set to 1.

I am not real sure what the characteristics of the AGM-130 are but if you wanted to make a new AGM-130 and have it act exactly as the AGM-65G, then this is what you would have to do:

1. Create a new AGM-130 WCD entry by copying the AGM-65G.
2. Create a new CT record by copying the CT record of the AGM-65G.
3. Create a new SWD record by copyign the AGM-65G.
4. Link the File Index of the new CT to the new WCD record.
5. Link the Alt Index of the new CT to the new SWD record.
6. Unzip the file.
7. Copy the AGM65G.VEH and AGM65G.DAT files.
8. Update both LST files with the new files and update the count at the beginning.
9. Change the new VEH file DataIdx to the new record.
10. Re-zip the data files.
11. Change the Veh List field within the new WCD record to the new VEH file.
12. Change the Miss Data field within the new SWD record to the new DAT file.
13. Make sure you have the names changed also. Note: the name in the SWD record is what is shown on the MFD when the weapon is selected so keep this short (4 characters or so)

Hope that helps you out.


Tutorial originally written by Dragon in macfalcon forums, posted by ccc into PMC Tactical forums topic.

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