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Adding Aircraft Copy

Falcon 4 database, adding aircraft copy

Here is example of how to add new CT record of aircraft squadron so you can use both the old squadron and this new edited squadron you just made. For example if you want to have one theater but with two time periods like Desert Storm. 1991 ODS and present day Black Phoenix. Both used the F-16 aircraft's, but in ODS they didn't have AIM-120's or LGB's which Black Phoenix has.

This example shows you how to copy F-4E SK squadron:

  • units → f4esk → add copy, update [record UCD number, call it U]
  • classtable → no354 → add copy, change File offset to unit number [U], update note CT number of this new one, call it [C]
  • back to unit view, reedit new unit, change CT Ind to [C], Update
  • bring up dialog for Unit [U], look for SSD record number
  • go to SSD view, and copy SSD used by [U]. remember the new SSD number
  • edit 522, change SSD Ind to new SSD number, update
  • edit 522 again, click on SSD Ind button should see the SSD record click on used by - should see just used by one squadron.
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