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How To Install New 3D Cockpits

This tutorial was posted by ccc into PMC Tactical forums.

I'll keep it simple:

1. Get F4Browse and LodEditor.

2. Get new 3D cockpit files (where? who knows)

Then, Simple trick for LOD and Database guys.

For LOD part, using LodEditor:

Take new 3D cockpit LOD and skins (textures), add them to database, use wizard to set up a parent record, yes, only one LOD in it.
([Help] > [Model/texture..]). You may have to adjust texture# when adding texture to TEX DB.

Then pick a CT recod as you wish, say, CT#2910. Add your new parent# to parent-normal slot. Done LOD part.

Then go to database part, using F4Browse go to Vehicle → Aircraft folder, say you want to add a F15C 3D cockpit, pick F15C, use [COPY CT record] function. Then edit this new CT.

Do as following:

1. Erase F15C name in first blank, leave it no-name, empty. (I think you can name it F15C 3D cockpit, wont hurt).

2. Enter [CT Recd] slot 2910.

3. Press [CT Recd] button to enter editing page, fill/change major slots like this:

> name: empty
> doman: air
> class: SFX
> type 3
> subtype 7
> specific 255
> mode: normal
> file type: none
> record: o


To use auto-switching 3D cockpit

1. In this folder


Set up a new folder F15C


2. Copy default 3dckpit.dat and put it in


3. Open your F15C 3dckpit.dat with notepad, edit this line:

// the LOD models to use.
cockpitmodel 1; // the main 3d cockpit model

Change the “1” to your Parent# (not CT record #)!

All done! :-)

(Not really, you still miss a lot, but it works at least)

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