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PMC Korea TCL Campaigns

PMC Korea TCL Campaigns v0.2 by Snake Man

Made by Tacedit TCL scripts.

Three campaigns in default microprose Korea theater with three levels of war activity. Just a quick fun as Widowaker would put it.

These three campaigns (units) are created totally by the TCL scripts that I wrote to Tacedit made by Julian “Codec” Onions. The purpose of this package is to show people how easy it is to create totally new campaigns for Korean Theater (objectives). Hopefully the script stuff can help other users to create cool campaigns for all falcon theaters, these campaigns seem to work OK but really are just examples, they have had zero fine tuning and care. If anyone is interested feel free to point out any problems and lame things in them, the scripts can always use improvement. The scripts are of course included in this package.

TCL Scripts

The TCL scripts used to create these campaigns can be found on the download rar in “PMC_Korea_TCL_Scripts” directory. All scripts are included.

If you want to re-create these campaigns using the scripts, delete all the units/squadrons from the .cam file first, then run the create_0_shortcut.tcl for, create_1_shortcut.tcl for and create_2_shortcut.tcl for file.

These “shortcut” scripts are calling all the other necessary scripts. You can comment out stuff by putting # in front of the line you wish to comment out.

Campaign 1

Tiger Spirit is the easiest one. DPRK vs US/ROK. This is very light war situation with not many aircraft's or ground troops present in the theater. It should get pretty good frames per second even on slowest machines out there. This is also nice that you can “concentrate” on the campaign flow, something you cannot do when there is billion things happening around you in the heavier campaigns… things go unnoticed etc.

Campaign 2

Rolling Fire is moderately difficult. China/DPRK vs US/ROK. This is high action war scenario, lot of ground units and aircraft's on both sides. Right in the beginning of the campaign china joins the DPRK to fight against US/ROK. Two US Carrier Groups are present, east and west sides of Korean peninsula.

Campaign 3

Iron Fortress is impossible :) DPRK vs US/ROK. Almost all of the south Korea is occupied by north Koreans, only small edge is owned by ROK forces. US has four Carrier Groups in the theater supporting the hard fight that the combined US/ROK forces are facing. The goal for ROK is to stay alive and not lose any ground for assaulting DPRK forces. If and only if the situation permits, the ROK can advance with the help of support aircraft's from US Carriers.

Install Instructions

Run the PMC_PMCKorea_TCL_Theater_<VERSION>.exe installer and follow instructions.

Uninstall Instructions

  1. delete Theaters\PMCKorea dir.
  2. open theater.lst and remove the Theaters\PMCKorea.tdf line.

Done, uninstall successful.


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