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How to add objectives

How to add objectives like airbase, sam site, city, etc… to a campaign.

First open file (your campaign file you wish to edit) with Tacedit.

Then go to the Mapview.

You might want to bring up the map background image so you can see your “theater” better, but its not necessary.

Now you can just choose spot on the map, press Right Mouse Button (RMB) and choose “Add Objective” feature. Note that you can also add objective from the menu, but then you must insert x,y coordinates to it which can be problematic (its best to use RMB on mapview).

Next you get the objective dump window. In this window you can use the drop down menus to choose what objective it is going to be and its sub type.

If your drop down menus show empty, you need to configure the objects / database dir, see this for help.

As for the specific settings for each objective, please refer to Ultimate Theater Tutorial: Campaign.

There is few quirks in Tacedit when you create a brand new objective, these aren't that critical for creating simple objective but in long run you learn about them.

After you have chosen all the parameters and stuff for your objective, then click OK and it is done. Remember to save your campaign file, in which point it might/will ask for theater strings file name.

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