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Poseidon Tools

Poseidon Tools by Tom_48_97

Complete script tool suite Bohemia Interactive’s game engine used in ArmA 2 and ArmA 3. Poseidon Tools supports all text files (Scripts & configs) used by the Real Virtuality. It includes:

  • Poseidon Tools
  • FSM Editor
  • TexView 2
  • TM4 Indenter
  • Tail for Win32


  • Project management
  • Instant Project Switch
  • Distraction Free Mode and full screen
  • Split Editing (Can display up to four file on the same screen)
  • Auto Completion (based on commands and existing text in the file)
  • Current and parent brackets highlight
  • Persistent sessions
  • Snippets (eg: file header, control structures, game functions etc…)
  • Syntax highlighter (for SQF (from ofp to arma 3), SQM, HPP, CPP, EXT…)
  • Full support of SQF & SQS, XML, Cpp, CFG, RPT
  • Can open RPT from the menu (Arma 3, Arma 3 diagnostic, Arma 2…)
  • Can open SQM, BIEDI with Arma 3
  • Magic key F8
  • File diff
  • Support of Mikero Tools
  • Support of Arma 3 Tools
  • Refresh the opened files everytime you get back to it
  • Macro creation
  • Documentation link


  • Some features require Arma 3 Tools installed;
  • Some other features require Mikero Tools installed;
  • Every new release require a full clean install;
  • This is not an official tool, use at your own risks;
  • I urge you to read the documentation and especially the shortcuts list

Poseidon Tools Homepage

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