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PMC OSM Places CSV2HPP Converter

PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Tools


PMC OSM Places CSV2HPP Converter will read OpenStreetMap (OSM) location name point CSV files and convert to ArmA 3 Terrains compatible class names{} config.cpp code.

Download C++ source code from PMC Github: ArmA 3 OSM Places CSV 2 HPP repo.

We don't have binary / .exe release available so if you don't have Qt installed then these sources are useless to you, sorry.

This tool converts CSV file with (OSM) or hand placed location names into ArmA 3 readable config.cpp class names file. It is very simple to use, choose OSM or PMC names buttons, browse to your CSV file and open it, then the converted ready to be use config.cpp file contents appear in the GUI. Easy.

Difference between OSM and PMC modes is that OSM is the official shapefiles from OSM (downloaded from geofabrik to be precise) and PMC is shapefile locations made by yourself as described above. Official OSM files have more attributes, so the reading function needs to be different and that's why we have two different buttons.

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