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ArmA 3 Addon Builder

Addon Builder requires Steam client to be running.

When you binarize addons with addon builder, you need to configure it first. Most important thing is to setup Options → List of files to copy directly if using the GUI or use below includes file list with cmd line.



Addon Builder is hard coded to use the exclude.lst from the filebank location, it behaves different between GUI and command line usage. Note that include list works from any directory.

As recommended in ArmA 3 tools install page, do not run addon builder from the steam client, instead use desktop short cut or better yet .bat batch files.

Command line:

addonbuilder.exe p:\<namespace>\<addon> DESTINATION -clear -temp=TEMPPATH -prefix=<namespace>\<addon> -project=p: -include=p:\Addonbuilder_Includes.txt -binarizeFullLogs

Do not run your command line batch file from the P: drive! You need to run it from the actual hard drive partition like D: where your steam + addon builder is located. I dont know if it matters if steam+addonbuilder is on C: and you run arma3work drive from D: for example.

-project= parameter is fishy, if you use “p:\” then your RVMAT's are not binarized/copied, you must use like in our above example: “p:” just the partition character without backslash.

Addon builder / binarize automatically creates config.cpp enry class cfgMods - why?

Binarize crashes if P3D's are missing? not sure please confirm.

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