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unitCapture / unitPlay


Name your helicopter pmc_helo, then create trigger radio 0-0-1 and put this into its activation line:

[pmc_helo, 5400, 30, false, 0] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitCapture;

Fly the helo and use radio 0-0-1 to activate recording. When you are done, hit ESC to stop recording, then ESC again to go back into running mission, you see hint display to hit F1 key to copy the path into clipboard. Game seems to kind of freeze, wait a short moment and then go check your clipboard, it should have the captured data.

Paste this captured data into pmc_uh60path.sqf file. Capturing done.


Same helo, put this on init.sqf:

pmc_helo engineOn true;
sleep 1;
pmc_uh60path = call compile preprocessFile "PMC_UH60Path.sqf";
sleep 1;
[pmc_helo, pmc_uh60path] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitPlay;

When you run the mission AI helo pilot will start the engine and “fly” the recorded path (AI doesn't fly anything, the recorded data is being played).

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