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ArmA 3 Dynamic Simulation

Dynamic Simulation for arma3 is like what CoC AIOD was for OFP (I bet you have no idea what I'm talking about hehe, if you do, you are true old school guy). Basically it freezes AI units that are further out than the value you define, this causes them to use zero CPU power and allows you to put completely crazy amounts of AI into your mission without any “lag” or slowdowns.

It is important to understand that the frozen AI are just that, totally unable to do anything even move, so these AI units must be well beyond your view distance so you wont be able to turkey shoot the defenseless poor AI (actually they cant even be killed in this state). Dynamic Simulation wont help small missions, but those large or huge missions covering most of the terrain will get incredible performance boost, well actually this allows you to create such huge missions in the first place.

Dynamic Simulation is best used on large terrain area where the AI is spread out and players must advance towards them etc.

We tested this with 2593 AI on a mission with i7 4790k CPU and it ran like being alone in the mission editor. See our demo video.

See bis wiki page for details.

How to use sqf scripting to enable and configure dynamic simulation:

// turn it on
enableDynamicSimulationSystem true;
// set the infantry enable distance
"Group" setDynamicSimulationDistance 1000;
// create your group here
// turn on dynamic simulation for this group
_grp enableDynamicSimulation true;
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