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ArmA 3 Debug Teleport

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No not to cheat! But to help debug missions when you need to travel from A to B just to check something out, no reason to drive or walk when you can click a map to get there, its called developing ;)

If you are debug testing in mission editor, you will teleport automatically with ALT-LMB mapview click. This will of course leave behind any possible AI group members you have, then they start annoyingly call “where are you”.

ArmA 3 CfgCommunicationMenu Teleport



class CfgCommunicationMenu
	class PMC_DebugTeleport
		text = "PMC_DebugTeleport";
		submenu = "";
		expression = "_this execVM 'PMC\PMC_DebugTeleport.sqf';";
		icon = "";
		cursor = "";
		enable = "1";
		removeAfterExpressionCall = 0;


0 = [player, "PMC_DebugTeleport", nil, nil, ""] call BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem;


onMapSingleClick "player setPos _pos; onMapSingleClick ''; true;";
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