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ArmA 2 To ArmA 3 Port - Terrain

Howto port ArmA 2 Terrain WRP into ArmA 3

  1. roads from arma2, then disable new shapefile roads in config; newRoadsShape = “”;
  2. config inherit from stratis and required addons “A3_Map_Stratis”

WRP files from arma2 Visitor 3 work just fine in arma3 binarize and in-game, you DON'T need to re-compile / export the terrain with terrain builder.

Re-Compile with Terrain Builder

If you choose to re-compile PEW through Terrain Builder, it basically assumes you have layers.cfg, the ground close textures and satellite images still available.

Remember that this is totally optional task, you do not need to re-compile PEW / WRP through terrain builder.

Terrain Builder:

  1. file → import → maps, choose visitor3 pew project file
  2. set northing 200000 and easting 0
  3. set layers.cfg
  4. file → import → satellite mask
  5. file → import → satellite texture
  6. check that terrain and satellites have correct sizes
  7. rebuild terrain
  8. generate layers
  9. file → export → wrp
  10. convert png to paa

All done


New values in CfgSurfaces:

class CfgSurfaces
	class Default{};
	class Water{};
	class GdtStratisConcrete: Default
		access = 2;
		files = "gdt_strconcrete_*";
		character = "Empty";
		soundEnviron = "concrete";
		soundHit = "concrete";
		rough = 0.05;
		maxSpeedCoef = 1;
		dust = 0.15;
		lucidity = 0.3;
		grassCover = 0.0;
		impact = "hitConcrete";
		maxClutterColoringCoef = 1.35;


Objects in general do not cause errors if they are not used, well doh quite obvious but still. If you just binarize objects you get no errors in binarize or in-game.

Objects Config

VTE_objects_cfg worked off the box without errors, no changes had to be made. Seems like the base classes are same as in arma2.

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