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hiddenSelectionsMaterials workaround by da12thMonkey

hiddenSelectionsMaterials is pretty broke. It works if the material is applied inside a P3D somewhere though. So you can apply it to a lower LOD and then let hiddenselections replace it in the in-game version.

All different materials have to be used in the P3D for them to work.

It's the only way to get the ones loaded from hiddenSelectionsMaterials to apply 100% of the time.

But still problems exist like damage textures will not load with hiddenSelectionsMaterials on an object and if you're using the same selection names to apply the materials to the model as the texture, it means your lower LODs will have materials applied, which isn't optimal for performance (BIS models don't have .rvmats applied in the last LOD or two).

it can be worth trying:

hiddenSelections[] = { "camo1", "camo2", "mat1", "mat2" };

To avoid that and only have the material selections in the top LODs. I think BIS has this setup on their GM6 rifle.

So then you'd have:

hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = { "texture1.paa", "texture2.paa" };
hiddenSelectionsMaterials[] = { "", "", "mat1.rvmat", "mat2.rvmat" };
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