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ArmA 3 Gunship Helicopters Survival

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ArmA 3 CUP AH-1 Cobra gunships survivability against enemy tanks and APCs with autocannons etc. I had a problem with a mission where two ah1 cobras got shot down by russian armed vehicles, this was not intended. Fix was to use flyInHeightASL[] command.

You have two helicopters, in mission editor name them “pmc_ah1_antitank”, and “pmc_ah1_multirole”, choose your own addon tag of course, in this example I'm using ours.


	_x flyInHeightASL [300, 500, 500];
} forEach [pmc_ah1_antitank, pmc_ah1_multirole];

And your AH-1Z cobra gunships survive just fine, they were the dynamic loadout using anti tank and multi role dropdown menu. Both day and night gunships survive just fine against one T72 and several softer vehicles armed with machine guns.

This was in a city so buildings could have blocked line of sight in some cases, not that it ever saved either ground or air unit of incoming fire, in general.

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