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ArmA 3 Campaign weaponPool

Weaponpool means the weapons and gear you have will be saved for next mission.

Note the difference between weaponPool and saveStatus where weaponpool is for the “virtual” (not virtual arsenal) weapons & gear saving and saveStatus is saving your character status including health, uniform and other gear including weapons.

Weaponpool is simple to activate, just include weaponpool = 1; in your campaign description.ext outside class campaign:

weaponPool = 1;
class Campaign
	briefingName = "PMC Guerrilla Bastard v0.1.10";
	author = "Snake Man";
	overviewText = "Defend your homeland against capitalist amerikan pigs and russian commie scum!";
	firstBattle = Beginning;
// etc ...

You need to use addWeaponPool and addMagazinePool commands to add stuff to the pool.

For collecting the load from ammo box or truck etc, do it like this:

_content = getWeaponCargo MyAmmoBox;

Fill ammo box / create with weaponPool stuff:

putWeaponPool MyAmmoBox;
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