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ArmA 3 Campaign Editing Tips

Track Campaign Areas

Make empty mission with only red markers designating the mission areas, not individual objectives but main mission area, for example main objective for specific mission.

Then when you actually create these missions, you can then load this marker only mission and after each mission is done, you turn that objective / area marker to green.

With this you can very easily keep track of the campaign creation and which missions are done, which areas are covered etc.

Dry Run

First build all the player side troops + triggers and do dry run of the campaign to see all missions end nicely. I mean surely you already only place triggers that work, of course, but still it would be nice to go over the campaign basic design actually playing it, instead of just watching .ext and .sq? files.


Put trigger activation lines in sqf scripts, easier to edit and manage / find. PMC Fury had lot of “eastdead1.sqf” type scripts. So your trigger only does [] execVM “MyScript.sqf”; and rest is handled in that script.


Unique and descriptive names for scripts! No more fish.sqf shit, there is no shame using even very long sqf names if necessary. If script can be used in several missions, do it and put it on Scripts\ directory with good parameters.

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