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Batch File Examples

This is under arma3 namespace but there are various batch file examples which suit all arma games or even generic tasks that has nothing to do with arma.

PMC MoveObject Setup

Here we show you how to change paths into model P3D, material RVMAT and terrain WRP files using Mikero Tools MoveObject.

Main concept is these files.

  • _MASTER_paths.txt
  • _run_update_FILETYPE_list.bat
  • _run_moveobject.bat
  • _run_moveobject_log.bat

_MASTER_paths.txt contains the moveobject replacement “source destination” list (refer to moveobject documentation for proper format etc).

_run_update_FILETYPE_list.bat is to update file type list, this basically depends on which directory you are, if you're doing models then you use P3D bat, if you do rvmat's in Data\ directory, then you use rvmat bat and you guessed it, if you do terrains then you use WRP bat.

_run_moveobject_log.bat file creates text file log out of the p3d/rvmat/wrp file content regarding textures, proxys etc. This log file is useful to track down what your file contains. Also note that often times it grows very large, so use proper text editor to open it and be very careful if you perform some search & replace etc operations to log file sized in 50+ megabytes.

_run_moveobject.bat is the actual moveobject executing bat which runs the program using master paths text as config and after its done it runs log file creation.

How it works?

  1. run the _run_update_<filetype>_list.bat file to list all the filetype files in your directory.
  2. create proper _MASTER_paths.txt of the replacements you want to make
  3. run _run_moveobject.bat to execute
  4. inspect _log.txt file for results

P3D Files


@echo off
for /F %%i in (_p3d_list.txt) do (
moveobject %%i _MASTER_paths.txt >>_log.txt
if exist *.old.p3d del *.old.p3d
call _run_moveobject_log.bat


@echo off
del _log.txt
for /F %%i in (_p3d_list.txt) do (moveobject -L "%%i" >>_log.txt)


dir *.p3d /o /b >_p3d_list.txt


2019-01-22 Updated for ArmA 3 and Mikeros latest tools with the -P “no pause” option.


@echo off
for /F %%i in (_rvmat_list.txt) do (
moveobject -P %%i _MASTER_paths.txt >>_log.txt
if exist *.old.rvmat del *.old.rvmat


if exist _log.txt del _log.txt
for /F %%i in (_rvmat_list.txt) do (moveobject -P -L "%%i" >>_log.txt)


dir *.rvmat /o /b >_rvmat_list.txt

WRP Files

2019-01-22 Updated for ArmA 3 and Mikeros latest tools with the -P “no pause” option.


@echo off
for /F %%i in (_wrp_list.txt) do (
moveobject -P %%i _MASTER_paths.txt >>_log.txt
if exist *.old.wrp del *.old.wrp
call _run_moveobject_log.bat


if exist _log.txt del _log.txt
for /F %%i in (_wrp_list.txt) do (moveobject -P -L "%%i" >>_log.txt)


dir *.wrp /o /b >_wrp_list.txt

ArmA 2 Binarize CMD Line

How to use bis binpbo to binarize using command line. This assumes you have text file list of all your addons to be binarized, here its named “pmc_ags_build_temp.txt”.


@echo off
set BINPBOPATH="C:\armatools\BinPBO\BinPBO.exe"
set TEMPPATH="C:\temp"
set DESTINATION="c:\arma2Projects\ags_build\addons"
for /F %%i in (pmc_ags_build_temp.txt) do (
%BINPBOPATH% "P:\pmc\%%i" %DESTINATION% -BINARIZE -DEBUG -TEMP %TEMPPATH% -INCLUDE "c:\armatools\Binarize_Includes.txt" -PROJECT "P:\pmc" -PREFIX pmc\%%i

List Directories

Generates _list.txt file from directory names in current directory. No extra text / junk shown, just plain directory names.

dir /b /ad >_list.txt

PNG to PAA early version

This is generic PNG to PAA conversion, if you are converting terrain layers\*.png then you should use arma2 terrain howto convert layers png fast or arma3 terrain convert layers png fast

Pal2Pace to run all PNG files in Visitor 3 terrains:

FOR %%i IN (*.png) DO (D:\armatools\texview2\pal2pace %%i)

MoveObject Example 1

MoveObject from PboDll package:

set MOVEOBJECT="T:\pbodll\MoveObject.exe"
FOR /F %%i IN (FileList.txt) DO (
	FOR /F "tokens=1-5" %%a IN (ReplacePathAwithB.txt) DO (
		%MOVEOBJECT% %%i %%a %%b

ExtractPbo Addons Dir

ExtractPbo whole arma2 expansion to p:\

extractpbo c:\arma2\expansion\addons\ p:\

ExtractPbo whole arma2 expansion configs only to p:\

extractpbo -F config.bin c:\arma2\expansion\addons\ p:\

Old style with for loop:

for %%x in (c:\arma2\expansion\addons\*.pbo) do (
extractpbo %%x p:\

DeRapify RVMAT

DeRapify rvmat so that you don't have to rename all the .rvmat.txt files?

@echo off
md tmp
for %%x in (*.bisurf) do (derapify %%x tmp\%%x)
move tmp\*.bisurf .
for %%x in (*.rvmat) do (derapify %%x tmp\%%x)
move tmp\*.rvmat .
rd tmp

RegExp : RVMATs

Not actually a dos batch file, but hey :)

RegExp how to fix something.rvmat:ca\path\to\texture.paa with just ca\…



Pal2Pace all PAA to TGA / PNG

@echo off
MD temp
FOR /F "tokens=1* delims=. " %%A in ('dir /b *.paa') do (
D:\armatools\texview2\Pal2PacE %%A.paa temp\%%A.tga
 if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto err
rem move stuff to current dir and clean out temp dir.
move temp\*.tga .
rd temp

Similar one found from Mikero's tools called “paxToTga”

dir /b/s/a-h  "%1%\*.paa" >listdir.txt
dir /b/s/a-h  "%1%\*.pac" >>listdir.txt
FOR /F "tokens=1* usebackq delims=" %%A in (listdir.txt) do (
 echo %%A
 pal2pace.exe "%%A" "%%A.tga"

PAA to TGA if tga doesnt exist

This batch file converts all PAA textures into TGA format using pal2pace.exe if TGA file doesn't already exist in the directory. Remember to change the pal2pace path to one you are using.

@echo off
dir /b *.paa >>_paa_list.txt
MD temp
FOR /F "tokens=1* delims=. " %%A in (_paa_list.txt) do (
if not exist %%A.tga "C:\program files (x86)\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\TexView2\Pal2PacE" %%A.paa temp\%%A.tga
if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto MyError
rem del *.paa
del _paa_list.txt
move temp\*.tga .
rd temp
echo unknown error

Crete config.cpp from List

Create config.cpp or model.cfg from list of P3D names

for /F %%i in (list.txt) do (
echo 	class Land_%%i: Land_ammostore2 >>new_config.cpp
echo 	{ >>new_config.cpp
echo 		displayName = "(building) %%i"; >>new_config.cpp
echo 		model = "\pmc\vte_bis_obj\%%i.p3d"; >>new_config.cpp
echo 	}; >>new_config.cpp

Same with RegExp for editpadpro:

class LAND_\1: House
displayName = "\1";
Armor = 10000;
model = "\x\ofpip\OFPIP\addons\p_bi_cwc_objects\\\1.p3d";
scope = 1;
vehicleClass = "OFPIP_Objects";

Get Todays Date

Get todays date for example to be used when creating backup archive files with time stamp.


for /f "tokens=2-4 delims=/ " %%a in ('date /T') do set year=%%c
for /f "tokens=2-4 delims=/ " %%a in ('date /T') do set month=%%a
for /f "tokens=2-4 delims=/ " %%a in ('date /T') do set day=%%b
echo %year%-%month%-%day%

Resize PAA Command Line

Resize PAA file from command line.

This does all PAA files to 128 x 128 resolution in the current directory:

for /R %CD% %%i in (*.paa) do (
echo %%i
"<steam>\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\ImageToPAA\imagetopaa.exe" -size=128 %%i %%i
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