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by a-lone-wolf

This util unpacks P3D files - when the first byte in file is 0xFF.



Operation*Flashpoint - Copyright © 2001-2002, BIS & CM

unofficial.xPack.tool by 'a-lone-wolf'

! This tool is freeware & comes with NO WARRANTY & NO SUPPORT of any kind !

Warning: Keep out of reach of children !

NO warranties. NOT fully tested. Use at your OWN risk.

! WORK-IN-PROGRESS - not all is perfect !

! If you encounter any problems with this tool - don't use it !

'xPack' - can be used, for example, to unpack O*F P3D files - when the first byte in file is 0xFF …

This private/unfinished tool was released after some requests…

Requirements: ? (developed/tested only under W2k)

Installation: copy 'xPack.exe' into any your working subdir (sorry, no CFG file is created to remember settings; the registry is not changed).


  1. run xPack.exe (how to run pgms, create shortcuts, and similar things - study your Windows manual)
  2. select any output directory with the help of [OutputDir] button
  3. select any input file with the help of [Input] button
  4. press [unPack] button & wait - OUTPUT filename is shown in front of this button
  5. press [Exit] button to quit


This is very old util from 2002, there is little use of it today we believe.

Download xPack.rar.

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