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WrpEdit public beta v0.93.

by OFPInternals.

WrpEdit was the first ever released island editing tool for OFP. It was coded by Russian guy called OFPInternals. Due the popular belief that OFPInternals is a team, it was not, that was his name.

The only version released was the public beta v0.93

WrpEdit reads the OPRW v2 format and it cannot by default read Nogova OPRW v3, but the noe.wrp can be hex edited to be able to read. This tool also saves to OPRW (v2?) directly.


Its features were limited, there was no copy-paste and no terrain editing features much more than elevate single point. It only had capability to read and write 256 cell islands which are the default 12.8km x 12.8km in size as all other BIS islands.

There was no support, not even a readme in the packet. It was provided as is. It had however nice 3D viewer which displayed the terrain and objects as seen on the screenshot below.


WrpEdit was used until Visitor and WrpTool was released, after that its use diminished.

Download WrpEdit.rar - 338kb.

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