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WavToLip is an application that generates a lip files (*.lip) from wav files (*.wav) used in OFP. Drag and drop any WAV file to create LIP file for use in your missions.

Usage: A lip file accompanies a sound file meant for spoken words in a mission. The file lip-syncs the mouth of the character to the spoken words in a sound file. It shares the same name of the sound file and must be in the same directory.

Known issues: The tool is currently unable to process files with spaces in the name or path. Files on the desktop cannot be process for most users because of this. Anyone should know NOT to create filenames with spaces in it!




NOTE:ogg files are actually sound files encoded with the Ogg Vorbis codec developed by Xiphophorus software. Their website is here.

You must use WavToLip before you convert your sounds from wav to ogg. It will not generate lip files from ogg files.

To use, simply drag a 16-bit mono wav file into the WavToLip program. (WavToLip.exe) The program then will generate the lip file to the same directory/folder as the source wav.

Tip: Add a short-cut of the WavToLip program to windows “sendto” folder. This will let you simply right click on a wav and select “sendto” WavToLip. To access your SendTo folder goto your start menu then select run. In the run box type “sendto” (Windows 98/Me only).

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