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by feersum.endjinn

TxtPathSwap util will replaced texture paths on P3D MLOD models. It was first created for FDF's use as they got alot of models from other addon makers and had to do alot of path swapping.


pmc.editing.wiki_images_txtpathswap.jpg Start the util and click Open button, browse and open your MLOD P3D file. Then you can see the model's texture paths and names on the display window.

Now double click on the texture you want to change and it appears on the Find what: editbox, then you can clear out the texture name and only leave the path if you like to change the path instead of the single texture. In most cases you want to change path to fit your addon/mod system, just like in the example image where we changed all Data\ paths into VTE_air\t\ paths.

Now that you have selected the path (and texture possibly) you want to change, write the new path (and texture possibly) into the Replace with: editbox.

Now that you have selected the path you want to replace with the new path, just click the Replace button and its done for all textures, on all LODs including view-pilot and all the rest where the textures can be applied. Finally click Save button to save your repathed P3D.

If the path is more than 31 characters long (OFP O2 dont support longer texture path+file names), it will give error and wont update the path. If this happens you need to modify the texture name to shorter one so it fits with the new path under 31 characters.

Download at TxtPathSwap.rar.

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