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PatchPbo by Mikero

This small util will let you combine two pbo files into one. Its especially useful for large MODs who release small patches for their huge pbo's.

One good example is the VTE patches, as the mod itself is 430mb in size, it would be lame to release small (1-3mb) patch to it but add hundreds of megs unnecessary files.

Think about how efficient it is to patch, release only the required files, instead of making users download huge amounts of unchanged/unnecessary files, it makes you/your mod look professional, saves hdd space and bandwidth. It is the right way.


You have to have the PatchPbo.exe and DePbo.dll files in the directory where you run this patcher (unless you put the dll into windows dir, we would not recommend it though).

This is the example runme bat file used with VTE internal beta. We created x_data1.pbo, x_data2.pbo and x_data3.pbo as we had to patch three main pbo's. These x_data? pbo files contained only the updated files in their proper directories which we wanted to upgrade/patch into the main mod pbos.

The bat:

@echo off

If not exist addons\VTE_config.pbo echo ERROR VTE_config.pbo not found in <vtedir>/addons/
If not exist addons\VTE_config.pbo goto end

If not exist addons\VTE_sounds.pbo echo ERROR VTE_sounds.pbo not found in <vtedir>/addons/
If not exist addons\VTE_sounds.pbo goto end

If not exist addons\VTE_weapons.pbo echo ERROR VTE_weapons.pbo not found in <vtedir>/addons/
If not exist addons\VTE_weapons.pbo goto end

rem the program itself!
if not exist DePbo.dll echo ERROR DePbo.dll not found in the root dir
if not exist DePbo.dll goto end

if not exist PatchPbo.exe echo ERROR PatchPbo.exe not found in the root dir
if not exist PatchPbo.exe goto end

rem the VTE upgrade files
if not exist x_data1.pbo echo ERROR x_data1.pbo not found in the root dir
if not exist x_data1.pbo goto end

if not exist x_data2.pbo echo ERROR x_data2.pbo not found in the root dir
if not exist x_data2.pbo goto end

if not exist x_data3.pbo echo ERROR x_data3.pbo not found in the root dir
if not exist x_data3.pbo goto end

echo This will patch VTE pbo files to version 0.3, inside beta 10-02-06.
echo None of the original OFP files will be modified.
echo Before proceeding, better make sure that you have 
echo at least 700mb free disk space on this drive.

echo Press any key to continue or CTRL-C to abort.
pause >NUL

echo Processing addons\VTE_config.pbo - please wait...
PatchPbo x_data1.pbo addons\VTE_config.pbo >nul
cd addons
del VTE_config.pbo
ren VTE_config.pbo.patched.pbo VTE_config.pbo
cd ..

echo Processing addons\VTE_sounds.pbo - please wait...
PatchPbo x_data2.pbo addons\VTE_sounds.pbo >nul
cd addons
del VTE_sounds.pbo
ren VTE_sounds.pbo.patched.pbo VTE_sounds.pbo
cd ..

echo Processing addons\VTE_weapons.pbo - please wait...
PatchPbo x_data3.pbo addons\VTE_weapons.pbo >nul
cd addons
del VTE_weapons.pbo
ren VTE_weapons.pbo.patched.pbo VTE_weapons.pbo
cd ..

echo all done.
echo VTE has been patched to v0.3 inside beta 11-02-06.


So basically the code did three patches for us, there were our config first with this command line:

PatchPbo x_data1.pbo addons\VTE_config.pbo

That patched the few text files into the VTE_config.pbo addon.

Next we patched the sounds pbo with this command line:

PatchPbo x_data2.pbo addons\VTE_sounds.pbo

I believe that contained few fixed sounds and music ogg files, this VTE_sounds.pbo was already pretty large so this is where PatchPbo really came handy.

Finally we patched the really big VTE_weapons.pbo with this command line:

PatchPbo x_data3.pbo addons\VTE_weapons.pbo

And all configs, p3d and texture files were patched which we wanted to upgrade. Again our weapons pbo is very large so it was great to have it patched.


Download PatchPbo1.1.rar - 73kb.

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