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OFP Sound Lab

OFP Sound Lab v1.1 by Don Miquel

*Update 02-12-2004*

I've added an OGG→Lip/WAV conversion. This will generate both a .wav and a .lip file from .oggs.

I wrote this app as a tool to assist a modder wanting to do batch converting of sounds utilizing the WSSDEC/WSSCOD convertors packaged by The Avon Lady (12-26-2001), OGGENC/OGGDEC convertors made by Vorbis, and WaveToLip convertor by Bohemia Interactive Studio. Upon first release other modders requested a more complete convertor package enabling WAV↔WSS and WAV↔OGG 2 way converting, as well as WAV→LIP/OGG converting. So I've updated this tool to do as requested. This tools free for anyone to use that wants to, would appriciate a credit listing and email if you use it. Would also like to hear feedback/suggestions from users.

Thanks and enjoy,


Real simple, just run the app and browse to the folder with the sounds you want to convert. Select 1 or more files and click Open. You'll see the ones to convert listed. Select the conversion mode you want. The app will let you know when its done with the conversions.


WAV→LIP/OGG will convert the WAV file into both OGG and LIP. OGG→LIP/WAV will convert the OGG file into both WAV and LIP. Also, as of right now, the OGG encoding/decoding runs in default mode with no switches. Check the Vorbis Tools 1.0.1 at for the switches available in the OGGENC.exe if you want to do specific converting.

Download OFPSoundLabv1.1.rar - 523kb.

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