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BX GateBuilder

BX GateBuilder

Possible to open ODOL v7, Topologi → Components and Mass editing.

BX GateBuilder alfa

Some options available, remembering last settings, bugs fixed.

BX GateBuilder alfa

This is an alfa version and some functions are not working now and there can be some bugs.

Use on your own risk.

Only MLOD format is supported (like Oxygen 2).

DirectX 9c Dec 2006 or later required.

Software for OFP/ArmA addon makers with similar look and usage as Oxygen 2, but uses DX9 for rendering.

This software is based on Oxygen 2 Light.

Developed by SG MOD for Operation Flashpoint, programmed by BXBX. Free for nonprofit use.


Removing Textures

To remove textures, select the vertices and press E, then you need to write “N/A” into to texture editbox, you just cannot remove the texture name and press apply, it wont work. After you have put N/A to all textures to be removed, press Apply and OK.

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