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By CoC

BinView is a windows utility for viewing and converting OFP game binaries (like config.bin etc).


Binary gamefile viewer for Operation Flashpoint V1.00

Created by Confucius for the Chain of Command project. Special thanks to BN880 for his support and help while completing this utility. Also many thanks to our BETA-testing team who made this public release possible.

Please visit us at

For further help and information on this release please visit our forums.


Exported file is compatible with standard (OFP) .cpp-format. The decoded files can therefore be used to replace any existing binary file.


Execute the installer…

Known issues:

- Opening the wgl config.bin will cause an error

Legal stuff:

Use at your own risk. Program is to be distributed free of charge, further information is provided in the official Chain of Command © EULA which is included in the setup.

Version history:


- Public release version


Be warned that this programs installer will put old DLL files into your windows system directory. If you dont want to break up your windows dll's, then be cautious when installing this utility.

At the moment we do not have proper download link, sorry. If anyone knows DL location please let us know.

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