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OFP Texture Description

OFP Resistance texture descriptions. These are the island texture names found in O.pbo like for example o\b1.paa file.

File name Description
b1 light green grass
blita1 light green grass variation
blita2 light green grass variation
blita3 light green grass variation
j1 dark kind of under forest or farmland sort of, maybe dried grass?
l1 mountain rock
lom2 mountain rock variation
n1 snow
naves green grass variation with brown sand, sort of like in village bottoms?
park green grass variation with brown sand, under villages definitely. park area?
pole1 farm land patch area
pole2 farm land patch area, just bit different than pole1
pole3 farm land patch area, more greener grass and darker patch area
ps sand, light colored
pt sand, dark colored
q1 mud type dark brown color. dunno what it supposed to represent
rollpi1 desert (runway) taxiway north-south
rollpi2 desert (runway) taxiway west-south corner
rollpi3 desert (runway) taxiway west-north corner
runpi_d desert runway
runpi_k desert runway north end
runpi_o desert runway taxiway intersection to east
runpi_z desert runway south end
runtr_d grass runway
runtr_k grass runway east end
runtr_z grass runway west end
s2 mountain rock, rough
snih2 snow variation
snih3 snow variation
snih4 snow variation (cracks)
t1 green grass
trava2 green grass variation with slight smudge
trava3 green grass variation with sand brown smudge
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