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Wilbur Heightmap Crazy Elevations

PMC Editing Wiki: Tools, Wilbur

This was written for mostly ArmA 3 heightmap's in mind.


When you paint terrain elevations I usually start by terrain “island” outlines, perhaps its landlocked and goes all the way to the edges but in any case I start by placing down bare low level elevations 6m or above.

I do this with 50 x 50 pixel and usually 5 meter “Add” brush. Anything lower and you take a long time to get any elevations done.

Wilbur increments / adds elevations constantly when you press and hold LMB, so within second or two you end up with huge towers of high elevations.

But again if you use value of 1 meter or so… it takes forever to get any elevations painted.

Back in OFP era I saved heightmaps out to lat/lon txt format, this save dialog has button “set to pixel” or something. You can setup there the lowest and highest elevations to be saved out, I think this is kind of same as L3DT heightmap vertical range feature.

If you save your newly painted heightmap into HFZ format, which is the only one to save if you want to continue editing later or bring it easily to L3DT… then Wilbur doesn't ask you any min/max values and just saves those crazy elevations there.

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