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.PLT file

The .PLT file is one of the files embedded within a .CAM/.TRN/.TAC file. The .PLT file holds information about the pilots. Statistical and usage information is held for all pilots in the campaign. The .PLT file is not compressed.

.PLT file format

FieldData TypeWidth (in bytes)DescriptionVersions
NumPilotsSigned 16-bit integer2 >=60
pilot[]PilotInfo[NumPilots] (4 * NumPilots) bytes >=60
NumCallsignsSigned 16-bit integer2 >=60
callsign[]byte[NumCallsigns] (NumCallsigns) bytes >=60

Structures used

PilotInfo structure

FieldData TypeWidth (in bytes)DescriptionVersions
usageSigned 16-bit integer2 >=60
voice_idbyte1 >=60
photo_idbyte1 >=60
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