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 +====== Sflora ======
 +**Sflora Object Generator** by STACKER
 +Program to generate a vegetation by mask image.
 +  * Import object list from Terrain Builder
 +  * Randomly place objects on area selected by color from satellite mask texture
 +  * Generate objects by defined random values of size, direction and pitch
 +  * Export result as .txt back to terrain builder
 +Requires .Net Framework v4.7
 +[[https://​​rGTmrFU|Discord chat]]\\
 +[[https://​​forums/​topic/​202985-sflora-generate-a-vegetation-by-mask/​|bis form topic]]
 +Download [[https://​​u/​s!Ao0Oj5mjcuAikf4dwNjkxNPQRquQqQ|v0.9.9.7c]]
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