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 +====== ArmA 3 Addon Builder ======
 +Addon Builder requires Steam client to be running.
 +When you binarize addons with addon builder, you need to configure it first. Most important thing is to setup Options -> List of files to copy directly if using the GUI or use below includes file list with cmd line.
 +Addon Builder is hard coded to use the exclude.lst from the filebank location, it behaves different between GUI and command line usage. Note that **include** list works from any directory.
 +As recommended in ArmA 3 tools install page, do not run addon builder from the steam client, instead use desktop short cut or better yet .bat batch files.
 +Command line:
 +<code dos>
 +addonbuilder.exe p:​\<​namespace>​\<​addon>​ DESTINATION -clear -temp=TEMPPATH -prefix=<​namespace>​\<​addon>​ -project=p: -include=p:​\Addonbuilder_Includes.txt -binarizeFullLogs
 +**Do not run your command line batch file from the P: drive!** You need to run it from the actual hard drive partition like D: where your steam + addon builder is located. I dont know if it matters if steam+addonbuilder is on C: and you run arma3work drive from D: for example.
 +-project= parameter is fishy, if you use "​p:​\"​ then your RVMAT'​s are not binarized/​copied,​ you must use like in our above example: "​p:"​ just the partition character without backslash.
 +Addon builder / binarize automatically creates config.cpp enry class cfgMods - why?
 +Binarize crashes if P3D's are missing? not sure please confirm.
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