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Line 303: Line 303:
 for /f "​tokens=2-4 delims=/ " %%a in ('date /T') do set day=%%b for /f "​tokens=2-4 delims=/ " %%a in ('date /T') do set day=%%b
 echo %year%-%month%-%day% echo %year%-%month%-%day%
 +====== Resize PAA Command Line ======
 +Resize PAA file from command line.
 +This does all PAA files to 128 x 128 resolution in the current directory:
 +<code dos>
 +for /R %CD% %%i in (*.paa) do (
 +echo %%i
 +"<​steam>​\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\ImageToPAA\imagetopaa.exe"​ -size=128 %%i %%i
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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