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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) module manages movement and access to aerial camera of UAV.




Units (F1) > Game Logic > Modules > UAV



Editor setup


  1. UAV manager - module manager.
  2. UAV - unit with parent class UAV. If more UAV's are assigned, first one is selected (and replaced by another one when first is destroyed).
  3. Unit with access - all linked units will have access to UAV via action.
  4. UAV terminal - all linked empty (nonAI) objects serves as terminals. Units with access gets action once they are near terminals.

Optional parameters

Set variables to UAV manager with desired values:

  • name = <string>; - name of UAV (displayed in action menu)

Example: BIS_uav_0 setvariable [“name”,“RQ-1 Predator”];
Default value: empty string

  • rules = <array>; - Rule which defines which units with have access to UAV. Can be either list of specific units or whole side.

Example: BIS_uav_0 setvariable [“rules”,[west,allied_gue_1]];
Default value: units synchronized in editor

  • areasize = <number>; - Size of terminal area (area in which custom action will be displayed)

Example: BIS_uav_0 setvariable [“areasize”,5];
Default value: 10

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