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 +====== Visitor 2 ======
 +Visitor 2 is an island mapping tool created by Bohemia Interactive. This tool allows users to build their own islands from scratch.
 +====== Install guide ======
 +After you have extracted all of the files in the root of a created disk space or mounted one you will need to add some information to the configuration screen in Visitor 2 before you can begin building your island.
 +  - -> Tools -> System Preferences
 +  - Basic folder : *Add the path for your island (ie : X:​\island) ​
 +  - Textures : Same as above (dont know why you could'​nt put textures in other folder than the same of the main file of your island...) ​
 +  - Natures Objects : I suggest you to put only the root disk here ie : X:\ (like this you could put all addons you want to includes in your island just by extracting it in the root disk. 
 +  - Artificial Objects : same as above 
 +  - Forests and Roads : same as above 
 +  - World files : same as point *2* 
 +After you have completed the setup you will need to reload the program.
 +Enjoy creating your new island ;)
 +====== Notes ======
 +Visitor 2 loads only [[ofp:​file_formats:​oprw|OPRW]] and it saves only [[ofp:​file_formats:​4wvr|4WVR]] format wrp files.
 +Visitor 2 and Buldozer is very difficult environment to work with, most often buldozer crashes and causes problems.
 +Download [[ftp://​​flashpoint//​breathe/​|here]] at BIS page.
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