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Named Selection

Some objects or vertexes need to be named in order for them to work properly.

This is done in the 'Named Selection' window (ALT-L).

Standard objects like wheels, lights, etc. must be defined by their official Czech names. User defined objects (for animations, for example) can be named anything.

Soldier Selections

BIS default soldier model selections are as follows:

Selection Description
head injury
krk Neck
l arm injury
l leg injury
lbiceps Biceps L
lchodidlo Foot L
lholen Shin L
lloket Forearm L
lzadek Hip/Buttock L
pbiceps Biceps R
pchodidlo Foot R
pholen Shin R
ploket Forearm R
proxy:flag_vojak.01 Proxy: Flag (for soldier)
proxy:RPG7_proxy.01 Proxy: RPG
roura Rocketlauncher proxy
body injury
brejle Glasses
bricho Lower torso
hlava Head
hrudnik Chest (halfway overlap with “bricho”)
lprsty Toes L
lrameno Shoulder L
lruka Hand L (+Binoculars proxy)
lstehno Upper leg L
p arm injury
p leg injury
pprsty Toes R
prameno Shoulder R
pruka Hand R
pstehno Upper leg R
pzadek Hip/Buttock R
lkoutek Eye/Mouth corner L
loboci Eyebrow L
medic Div: Medipack
mireni Target area?
Oblicej Face
Osobnost Custom face texture
Pkoutek Eye/Mouth corner R
Poboci Eyebrow R
proxy:ak_47_v58_proxy.01 Proxy: Weapon
proxy:dalekohled_proxy.01 Proxy: Binoculars
sije Upper neck (obsolete)
skoutek Eye/Mouth middle
skrane Head, temple (obsolete)
soboci Eyebrow middle
spodni ret Lower lip/chin
svetlo Flashlight (obsolete)
vicka Eyelids
zbran Weapon
zebra Upper back
osa mireni Rotation axis
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